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Sales & Business Development

At Stargaze we do not believe in ‘selling’, as no sustainable business can be formed by coercion or convincing, but rather the influence of decisions through education and empowerment of choice. The Stargaze Growthscope peers into the rational & emotion criteria that drives decision making for your key stakeholders, including current and prospective clients as well as strategic partners and affiliates. Matched with the Stargaze Brandscape that established your brand messaging, we are able to distribute your marketing content to compliment the sales funnel that optimally progresses the exceedingly expanding market through the phases of awareness, consideration, evaluation and adoption, secured for sustainability with brand loyalty. Business Development can take form in a wide variety of strategic executions, including hosting webinars, attending conferences or events, developing a Board of Advisors or even establishing strategic alignments with secondary and tertiary industry partners that then fuel your prospect base and further drive awareness.


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